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by Evelyn Coleman

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Freedom Train is a powerful story about a young boy learning to stand up to bullying, prejudice and racism. Set in Atlanta, Georgia in 1948, we learn about the significance of the Freedom Train documents and the effect that the visit from the Freedom Train had on a community following World War II. Americans were recovering from a difficult war and struggling with women continuing to work outside of the home as well as the continued fight against segregration of races. Clyde, the main character, learns to recognise these issues with the help of a loving family and new friends who help him be courageous.

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View a pamphlet that was provided for the visitors at each city


Mills and the mill village called Cabbagetown were a big part of the setting for this story. View some pictures and read about the growth and change of mills.
Great information from Railfan.net ABPR Archive. You can click on the images to get a better view. Note the gold eagle on the side.
One of Clyde's favorite things were comic strips. Here are some excellent examples.
Several pictures within an article show the inside of the train and the lines that formed. It was estimated that an average of 9000 people per day visited the documents.

Mayer William B. Hartsfield made it possible for the train to stop in Atlanta when he insisted that it would not be segragated and that ALL people would have the same viewing privileges.

Visit the web site dedicated to the Freedom Train.
Listen to some of the Freedom Train music.
Meet the author of Freedom Train, Evelyn Coleman

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